Moving House Countdown: Practical Tips

1. A couple of months before you move house you, or at the very latest six weeks beforehand, you should really to start putting the wheels in motion. If your car is due a service make sure that this is taken care of well in advance particularly if you are relocating some distance because moving house is stressful enough without breaking down with a car full of belongings as well!

The all-important research also comes into play at this stage, from your local council and schools for your children if you have any, to more fun things like local restaurants and leisure activities. Once you have ticked these important tasks off your to do list, we advise you to start having a good look at your belongings and where you can downscale. A good place to start is the loft. Once you have done this, it’s a good idea to start packing up non-essential items, ensuring that you label all boxes with the details of their contents and which room they are going to.

2. A month before you are due to move house you should be finalising your moving date, booking your removals (Fridays & Saturdays can be more expensive and are booked well in advance) an arranging for parking of the removal van outside your current and new addresses (removal companies can arrange this but will charge). Finally, check your home contents insurance policy re moving house cover, although your removals company can also arrange this if not. If you have children, consider arranging childcare for moving day or allocate an area of the house for them to play in if this isn’t feasible. Kennels/catteries are also definitely worth considering for your pets to make the process as smooth as possible.

3. With three weeks to go, it’s time to notify your doctor, dentist, optician, etc. and register in your new area and your broadband supplier to ensure you are not penalised for shutting down your account. At this stage, if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to order boxes, bubble wrap and packing materials so you can start packing in good time and change of address cards to send out to friends and family.

4. So it’s now a fortnight until you move and there are still lots of things you can tick off your to do list in good time. If you haven’t done so already, inform credit card, store card and insurance companies and the DVLA of your change of address (failure to do so is an offence). If you have satellite or cable TV you could check coverage in your new area at the same time as updating your new details and the best gas, electricity and other deals in the same way and ensure that you are not paying over the odds for your utilities in your new home.

Make sure you review security arrangements at your new home – at the very least change the locks on all your outside doors as you don’t know who may have had access to the keys

Many people find come local and national elections that they are ineligible to vote because they’ve forgotten to update their details on the electoral roll – easy to do with everything you have to think about so add it to do your to do list.

Finally, start emptying your freezer and throw away any out of date tins or jars in kitchen cupboards – nobody wants a load of unwanted food to lug around on moving day or worse still, have to waste it because there’s too much to transport. If you can’t use up the food consider donating it to a local homeless shelter or the Salvation Army.

5. One week before you move house, check with your estate agents when the keys to your new home will be available on the day of your move and what you should do with your own keys. Spare keys should be labelled and left in a secure place in the house and you should also arrange to have your mail forwarded to your new address. Another good tip is to pack a box of light bulbs, toilet rolls, candles, screwdriver, matches, cash and a note of important telephone numbers, etc. and leave it in your car.

6. On moving day, identify to the removers anything that is not to go to the new home and remove all bedding, clearly labelling the box for the first night at your new home. Once van is loaded do one last check around the house to ensure all items have been packed and take final meter readings for gas, electricity and water. Last but no means least, drink plenty of fluids as moving house is physically demanding

7. On your first day in your new home, provide final meter readings for gas, electricity and water to your suppliers and surrender parking permits from your old address and apply for a new one if applicable.

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